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Just because you have decided to go the DIY way and create a flat roof for your home doesn’t mean that your wife and friends are right when they tell you that you will end up with an inadequate roof. Your DIY flat roof project can end up being a memorable and extremely fulfilling venture. You must have your installer kit and all the right materials ready before you get down to business!

Materials needed for DIY flat roofing

Flat roofing differs in design and size, but for a Do-it-Yourself flat roofing ninja, I’d recommend that you instead try your hand on any one type that you can comfortably construct. The following are the basic materials to enable a smooth flat roof installation:

  • Joists or Roofing timber
  • Steel Joists
  • Rubber EPDM membrane
  • A water-based adhesive.
  • Copper flashing.
  • Foam strengthened with fiberglass.
  • Insulating material.

The three other mandatory materials that you must avail are:

  • Hot tar and gravel – called Built-Up Roof, the combo forms a waterproof layer. You will, however, mix the hot tar with the smooth, stone-like gravel.
  • Modified bitumen – the single-ply rolled roof serves to form a cover that would protect it from water and ice. For a quick application and an increased effectiveness, be sure to choose a peel-and-stick system.
  • Rubber membrane – applying a flat roof primer is a critical part of this process. You probably have heard of the most common primers like EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) or natural rubber. The best thing about it is the fact that it’s durable and can be fastened using the right adhesive.

The Simple, 6-Step Process for DIY Flat Roof Installation

Local newspaper like the Brooklyn Downtown Star have actually vouched for this 6-step process and how effective it has been for their local readers.

Step #1: Framing the roof

Because a flat roof isn’t actually flat because of the ‘slight incline’ that ensures an optimal water runoff, you must observe this. To get this done, just use any 2x4s – convert them into long wedges and nail to the joists.

Step #2: The Plywood

Add a layer of 5/8-inch plywood sheathing with small gaps that would accommodate its expansion and contraction as well as the normal movements.

Step #3: The Underlayment

This is that soft, protective base made of IsoBoard or any other fiberglass-strengthened 1/2-inch-thick rigid foam. After cutting the board to size, fasten it to the plywood sheathing using the right screws. Make sure they fit snugly against one another, for the good of the rubber.

Step #4: Working on the corners

With a flat roof, water shouldn’t collect on the inside corners. To prevent this and ensure a good transition, you’ll need 2x4s cut into the proper size and screwed into the joint connecting the roof and the wall.

Step #5: Doing the dry-fitting and securing it with glue

Next is laying the rubber. But you must ensure the surface is smooth and debris-free so that the rubber sticks to the IsoBoard. Gluing the two together shouldn’t be hard either since you simply need to spread the glue over both.

Step #6: Working on the edges

The inside vertical corners might pose a bit of a challenge. But once you cut and overlap the EPDM rubber and subsequently use the adhesive to hold it down, no more vertical sections will peel off again. Another way to reinforce this is to use special metal brackets called termination stops.

Once everything is done and the roof is yet to dry, just fasten a lead-coated copper flashing on the front edge of it. And yup, your work is done!


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