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Goldenberg offers contracted solutions to all government institutions including schools, buildings, courts and more.



Goldenberg offers our residential clients custom state-of-the-art roofing, siding and gutters solutions for their home.



Goldenberg flat roofing technologies has changed the scope of commercial roofing in NYC. Call us to learn more.

Goldenberg’s Exclusive Flat Roof Installation Process:

Our exclusive Flat Roofing System is great for any residential home. There are colors available based on the type of granuals you chose. In some cases we can turn around a roofing project with in 24-48 hours (If weather permits). See our steps below on how we strive to achieve this:


  1. The process begins with us protecting your home with tarps and sheets of plywood to prevent debris from hitting your home. In some cases we set up a scaffold (only if necessary)
  2. Then we begin removing all existing roofing down to the bare wood.
  3. Now we start to install 1/2″ insulation board followed by installing fiberglass base sheet (Both are secured with cap nails or screws and plates).
  4. After the fiberglass base sheet is installed we then begin to install SBS cold apply rubber roofing (Material installed with Trawl Grade adhesive).
  5. Flashing of the Parapit Walls: The roofing is secured to the wall with an aluminum termination bar, flashing cement and roof membrane: it is then covered with ceramic granuals to protect the flashing cement from the sun.
  6. We then build new hatch covers and cover the covers with a galvanized metal skin (By Law all flat roofs need to have a working hatch).
  7. We install or replace any skylights that are needed.
  8. Then we install a flange gutter which is specifically designed for a flat roof application.
  9. We then install and/or change the wall scuppers to copper or aluminum.
  10. Finally we remove all of the debris from the jobsite and hall it all away in our Goldenberg trucks.



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