Once you get a roof over your head, the next thing you might want to make sure is that it looks stable and presentable. Primer is something that would be a great help in this regard. Applying the primer not only adheres the roof coating to the roof surface but it also penetrates deep enough to give a stable texture while increasing the lifespan of the roof. Leaking roofing can also be repaired by using primers because it provides a very firm base for roof coating materials. It will not be wrong to say that primer is mandatory if roof material is not water resistant.


Before applying a primer on your amazing flat roof, you must know what kind of primer you need according to the roof type. Bituminous primer can be applied on both concrete and asphalt roofing. Others include bonding primer, aluminum primer, acrylic primer, thermoplastic, asphalt and silicon primers. Knowing the physical properties of primer such as porosity, tackiness and hygroscopy will also help. If you are using bonding primer you need to make sure you do not apply it on peeling paint as it will only worsen the condition. Likewise, for all the other primer types carefully read the instructions and make the best choice.


Once you have made the right choice of primer with a bit of research or by consulting a roofing expert, the next thing you need is a pair of gloves because you might not want to get stains all over your hands. Get your roof clean and tidy by using blower or brooms to make sure that dirt does not stick into the primer. Then, pressure wash to remove tough dust, chalky material and stains. A solution can also be applied to kill off moss and lichen, you probably do not want any of these. You will also need to seal surface cracks and joints using patching fabric and roof cement. Cracks will also fill up while applying primer because it creeps in and bonds to surface. This will give a finer tone and texture and hide the bumpy surface under one flat cover. Also make sure roof is fully dried up before proceeding. All of these pre-primer steps are critical for flat roofing to be at it’s best.


Now you have everything you need, apply the primer using a paint roller or paint brush and spread a coating of primer according to manufacturer’s instructions. Apply throughout the roof starting from one end to the other and make sure you do not leave any portion undone. As the protective and thick film has been coated, wait some time until it cures. Different primers require different resting time. You must read the instructions and proceed accordingly so you do not end up making a mess. After the primer, the roof is now ready for waterproof coverings, paint or whatever external finishes you require.

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