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Welcome to Goldenberg Roofing of Bedford-Stuyvesant. We are one of the top rated roofers in the area and offer the best pricing, quality and warranties around. When it comes to choosing a roofer ensure that they use the highest quality materials available. This ensures a long lasting quality roof. Goldenberg Roofing has many live projects in the Crown Heights, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy & Glendale area. Call or visit us today. Our 3rd party verified Google reviews dictate that we are one of the most trusted Brooklyn roofing companies/contractors around.
When it comes to flat roofing in the Big Apple you really do not want to take any chances. Using an award winning roofing service like Goldenberg which provides the best prices, quality and warranties on the market is the safe choice. No job is too small or too large for us. We have ongoing active jobs all over the Downtown Brooklyn area including Bensonhurst for you to see from large commercial structure to residential homes. Contact us today for a fast & free estimate.
Use Goldenberg Roofing For Season Maintenance
Don’t forget the importance of season maintenance and upkeep. Investing a few dollars today on upkeep, cleaning & inspections can save you thousands of dollars when the next big storm hits. Mother nature will likely bring wind, ice dams and ponding that will literally wreck any inadequate roof. For the DIY roofer we offer a how to guide to patch your roof. However for those who prefer the best roofing professionals in NYC, the key is to call Goldenberg twice a year to make get your roof at an impeccable state so it can withstand any exterior conditions.


Should I repair my roof or replace it?

Roof repair can be an excellent option for certain issues; missing shingles, minor leaks, and some nonstructural issues. But, if a repair is done when a replacement is more appropriate, it will end up costing more in the long run.

Can I repair my own roof?

Unless you have the proper roofing experience, tools, and a qualified team it is not suggested. Goldenberg is one of the most experienced roof contractors in Brooklyn and we can give free estimates for all roofing projects.

Is it possible to change roofs in the winter?

Yes, even in the cold Brooklyn winter we can do roof installations.

What signs can I look for that my roof is bad?

Leaks, mold, warping are some of the obvious signs of roof damage. If there is snow or water that tends to gather in the same spots for long periods of time can be high risk as well. 

How many years will a roof last?

A roof can be expected to last 20+ years with proper maintenance.

Does it take long to install a new roof?

An experienced roofing company should take 1-2 days to remove the old roof and install the new one.

Are all shingles the same?

No, all shingles are not the same, There are various brands and quality of shingles, as well as styles which all have different price ranges.

Is there an advantage to flat roofs?

Yes! Flat roofs use fewer materials so they are quicker and cheaper to install and maintain. They are a very popular choice in the Brooklyn area.



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