Common Asphalt Shingles Problems You Should Know

Do you wonder why many homeowners in New York usually go for asphalt shingles? Is it just because they are a much affordable option? No, asphalt shingles can give your home much-needed protection from the elements. Above all, these incredible materials are versatile, durable, easy to install, and offer a significant curb appeal. So, it's […]

Roofing Over Existing Roof: All You Need To Know

Roofing over an existing roof can be a great or disastrous move, depending on the situation. When your roof starts showing issues, it means its lifespan is coming to an end. Then, it's time to decide what to do with your roofing system—what roofing options you have, and what's the best solution to your problem. […]

Roofing Felt: Uses And Installation Of Roofing Felt

Often called by many names but still the same functions, this simple material can save your building from danger! It can be called roofing tar paper, underlayment, roll roofing, etc. Some people diminish its importance because of its appearance, but little did they know how important it is. So, how important is roofing felt? Why […]

Hip Roofs: Understanding The Hip Roof Design

Today, the hip roof is one of the favorite roof designs for homeowners and property managers, thanks to its durability and the unmatched curb appeal it gives to homes. There are many factors to consider when choosing a roofing material and roof design. As there is a wide range of options out there for you, […]

The Importance of Proper Roofing Installation and Maintenance

We keep iterating to people always to seek the service of professionals for their roofing installations. We are professional roofers and with many years of experience, we have numerous reasons for this advice. There is great importance in proper roofing installations and maintenance when it is done by experts; failure to use one will result […]

Debunking Top Ten Roofing Myths

“Roofing”- Sometimes, this word can be both overstated and understated. You can’t deny the importance of roofs in our everyday lives, but the complexity surrounding its application can lead to confusion. Some people have many misconceptions regarding roofing, which has left so many believing in things that aren’t right and leaving blank spaces in questions […]

Roofing With Solar Panels In NYC: All You Need To Know

Aside from the job of offering protection, there’s always more your roof can do. For one, your roof can make you money. The sixty-four thousand dollar question is, how can you put your roof to work? You must have probably been fed up with the unreliable electricity prices here in NYC and several parts of […]

How Roofing Contractors Carry Out Estimations

Getting a new roof or having an old one replaced is quite the experience for a homeowner. Some might consider it a fun process, but it depends on several things. Just as in other construction works, the end product is always the most important outcome. Regarding roofing, to get the best out of your budget […]

The Lifespan of Various Roofing Materials

The roof of a building is the most pivotal aspect of the entire structure. Because of this fact, roofing activities aren't taken lightly. There are lots of considerations to be made when installing a roof to ensure that no errors are made, be it in the present or the future. Such decisions might relate to […]

Factors That Will Help You Decide Which Roofing Material to Use

Roofs aren't installed at random. This reality should always be on your mind anytime you want to embark on a roofing activity. There are lots of considerations to be made when installing a roof. If these are ignored, the end product of your roof could be a mess. Very few roofing contractors chime in during […]

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