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While there is always going to be something to worry about, your roof should not be one of those worries.  It is in your best interest to make sure you know what is going on with your roof, the signs of damage to be aware of, and the appropriate measures to be taken in order to avoid the damages resulting from bad winter weather.  Strong winds, snow and ice, varying temperatures from sub-zero to thawing can cause substantial damage to residents, sidewalks, vehicles, roadways, and definitely your roof. Here are some typically encountered roof issues for you to be aware of. If upon reading you suspect that you have a similar condition on your roof you should call a licensed roofing contractor immediately and stop the damage in it’s track before it can destroy your roof completely.



Sections of metal, normally stainless steel or aluminum, are used to reinforce areas of the roof, such as around skylights, domes and the chimney, prevent leaks.  Intense weather brought on by winter can break flashing down over an extended period of time. Strong winds can also pay their toll on flashing, often pulling pieces right off the roof.  Repairing flashing is not a DIY job, it is in your best interest to hire a professional roofing contractor who is experienced and has the right equipment and know how to repair the roof leak for you.


Extremely cold weather outside paired with warm air within the home creates moisture and condensation.  Not properly ventilating and insulating the attic in your house will create a warm space for condensation to form, your roof is at risk for serious damage.  This kind of ware and tare can dramatically reduce the lifetime of the roof if not properly maintained. Avoid roof condensation issues and you will be able to keep unnecessary home repair expenses away.


In the winter when branches weighed down with snow and ice they begin to hang down, worst case scenario the branch snaps, lands on the roof causing significant damage.  Best case drooping branches can scrape the roof and cause damage to the surface and lay bare the roof to the likelihood of leaks and ease of access to the roof for animals seeking shelter and warmth. While not a uniquely winter problem, it is best to attend to any low hanging branches before they are weighed down by snow and ice.


While icicles may be a wonder to look at they can, however, be quite big and heavy when they abruptly break off once the weather starts to warm up potentially causing severe injury to a bystander.  Icicles are formed as a result of blocked downspout drains and gutters, and because they are so heavy can be likely cause damage to the gutter and roof. It is important to regularly clean out and maintain your drains and gutters, particularly before the weather gets bad thereby preventing the formation of icicles appearing during the winter.

These ordinary roof issues mentioned may not come as such an eye-opener to many commercial and residential property owners, but they are almost certainly a good idea to keep in mind and be reminded of.  Steer clear from roofing damage caused by severe winter weather and opt for a reputable roofing contractor with experience in preventing and repairing the types of damages caused by the winter season.

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