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Timely roof maintenance and inspections are really the only way to avoid the many roofing massacres that can occur as the seasons change. Flat exteriors require special considerations that need to be addressed, especially when winter is coming. There are various advantages of a flat roof but you need to know how to maintain it properly in the winter months.

Effects of Weather on your flat roof:

Ponding and Leaks: When it snows, it accumulates on your flat roof and puts pressure on the roof. This pressure causes the roof to bow and results in ponding water on the roof. This issue leads to roof leaks which result in serious damage to the exterior. The load of the snow must be removed right away to avoid this. This is not only crucial for your roof, but for your safety as well.

Freeze-thaw cycle:  The ponding water mentioned above will freeze and refreeze. Water expands when it freezes allowing the water seeps into cracks, holes and abrasions on the roof and expands them. This process causes major damage. In the event you got hit with freeze-thaw damage you will need one of the best flat roofing companies around to get you out of such a mess.

Signs of damage:

These signs show that your flat roof needs attention:

  • Cracks in the ceiling,
  • Bowing of walls or beam,
  • Large chunks of ice falling from the roof,
  • Roof leaks
  • Damaged tiles

Flat Roof Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter Months:

Here are a few tips for maintaining your flat roof in fall and winter months. Inspect your roof and pay special attention to joints, scuppers, gutters, roof penetrations and seams.

  • Before snowfall:

Before the snow starts to fall take a few minutes and have a look on your roof. Clear any debris on the roof top. A small limb or stick could become a problem when covered with snow. Inspect all the drains and gutters for debris and clear them all properly. Debris may block water outlets and allow water to sit on the roof which in turn will cause serious damage. Look for cracks meticulously as cracks are like a ticking time bomb that get worse daily and cause serious damage.

  • During snowfall:

Immediately clear away snow that accumulated on the surface of the roof. Remove ice dams immediately. Use de-ice or melting products that are in accordance with your roofing material. Call or consult a professional snow remover if you do not know what you are doing.

In recent years, flat exteriors have became enormously popular. In densely populated commercial areas like Manhattan, NYC you will seldom find a sloped roof. The flat roof must be constructed 100% waterproof. Your flat roof must have some built in pitch in order to shed water. PVC and TPO are single ply flat roofing products which are installed with various types of 100% waterproof adhesives.

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