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Manhattan is an area that is known for its tall buildings and beautiful skylines. The city that popularized sky scrapers and has a great downtown area with heavy population density. The buildings of Manhattan are tall and beautiful but also have another thing in common, their flat roofing. It can be noticed quite easily that the city has flat exteriors, one after the other.
It has been pointed out that typically in cities with snowfall flat roofs are not so common. This also goes for heavy rainfall. This is because the snow builds up on top of flat roofs and starts to damage the top of the building. The weight of the snow and extreme moisture puts pressure on the roof, allowing moister to find a way inside, causing mold, rotting, or structural damage. This is true for rain as well, the rain, if not properly funneled off the building will do more damage that is needed. Sloped roofs, which are a standard in very snowy cities allows the snow and rain to slide off the building preventing any build up. New York is not quite like the other snowy cities as it receives significantly less snowfall than cities in Canada or northern Europe. The population density of Manhattan specifically creates a need for a unique architectural design.


The best flat roofing in Manhattan for one, prevent the snow and rain fall from causing a large build up into the walk ways and streets. There are many building close together, and with the diverted snow and rain going down to the street can have consequences like traffic jams, accidents, and unsafe walkways.
A second benefit to the flat exteriors is that they are cheaper to maintain. Technology and construction techniques have improved with time, and we can better keep out the moister buildup that causes damage. The tar and gravel is laid on the roof to seal any cracks, and provide the necessary insulation as well. They also have a life span longer than comparable roofs with lower upkeep cost.
Making use of this space is also a huge benefit to the flat roof. Generators, water heaters, and similar bulky equipment can be stored on the roof. It is safer and easier than keeping them on the side of buildings or bottom floor. Also in recent years, there has been a green movement and people have taken advantage of much unused space on the roofing to make parks, gardens and patios. All throughout the city we can now see green spaces and efficiently used areas on the roof.


We don’t know what the future holds, but with space becoming a rare commodity in downtown Manhattan it could be easier to see that people will take even more advantage of their roofing. Being energy efficient, cost efficient, and a greater number of uses, the flat roofs will likely not be substituted anytime soon.

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