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Having to replace a whole roof will likely be one of the biggest expenses a building owner will have to face. Unfortunately, this is also an expense majority of building owners do not plan ahead for and this causes most of them to opt for repairs even though their roofing problems require a roof replacement. Most cases show that there is more than one sign a commercial building will show when it needs a roof replacement. As exteriors age and deteriorate, it may face several problems at once forcing building owners to install a new exterior to avoid further damage.

Here are common problems that usually lead to exterior replacements in commercial or residential buildings. It would be best to avoid repairs in these scenarios.

  • Screw holes in panels have increased in size


Roof panels made of metal are held together by screws. As time passes, movement in the panels and natural deterioration will cause these holes to increase in size around the screws. Big screw holes lead to 2 kinds of problems: water will seep through these small openings causing a myriad of problems, and holes eventually get big enough for the whole panel to fall off. You need to replace panels before either of these things happen if you want to save your roof from problems.

  • Standing water on your roof

Pooling water has 2 common reasons for happening. The first reason that the roof was not installed properly and the second reason is because a drain is clogged. Unclogging drains is easy but dealing with botched installations are a bit more difficult. The only real way to address this is to reinstall the parts that were botched and in some cases, this may mean installing a new roof.


  • A deck that sags in many places


A deck is located between the exterior of the roof and the joists on the interior. When you have a wooden deck, the leaks make it sag inward. The more your deck sags, the more leaks your roof has. If your problem is widespread and getting worse, having your whole roof replaced would be your best choice.


  • Big bubbles on a flat roofing

Dry lapping and botched installations cause hot bituminous roofing (the most popular flat roof) to generate large bubbles that can be seen on its surface. Tar roof systems are also known to develop small, less visible bubbles in extreme heat but large bubbles can be problematic. The bubbles start out filled with air but they can fill up with water if they are punctured. If left alone, these bubbles filled with water can cause water damage to the layers of your roof.

  • Cracked shingles

Shingles have different stages in their lifespan. The first problem the experience is shedding of granules that fill the gutters. When shingles reach the end of their lifespan they began to crack, curl, and buckle. Since shingles deteriorate over time renovating your roof shingles is probably not possible. They aren’t usually repaired and are replaced before they reach a certain critical point. Your contractor will be able to ascertain whether it’s time to say goodbye to your shingles. Once a shingle has curled and buckled, water will have easy access to the roof layers underneath.

The aforementioned problems are all signs that your building needs a new roof. If your building has any of these problems, you should contact a local flat or sloped roofing company as soon as you can for an inspection. Roof replacements are costly but not replacing them is more costly.

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