Your Roof Tile Options: Which Roof Tile Lasts The Longest?

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As weird as it may sound, it seems like the most durable items were built in the old days. The Simpson washing machine, for instance, has remained reliable for many years. Unfortunately, not so many items are still durable, but roof tiles can stand the test of durability.

There are different materials available for roof tiles, though they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The lifespan of roof tiles depends on different factors like weather conditions, longevity of the material and most importantly, the expertise of a professional roofing company. Since durability is an essential quality in a roof tile, let's compare the different roof tiles and see which lasts the longest.

Are Roof Tiles Worth it?

Roof Tiles are simply beautiful and durable. Even though they are heavy and expensive, it's proof that they can last as long as 100 years or more. Traditionally, most roof tiles were made from fired clay, slate, or terracotta product, but today's roof tiles are often made from tinted, molded concrete.

Roofing tiles can come in different shapes (interlocking, fluted, flat, curved, and many more). They are the best fit for roofs exposed to salt air or experiencing hot weather. That is why homes with tile roofs are very many in California, Southwest, and some parts of Florida.

They are suitable for climates with infrequent rains, but the little rains leave the area with large amounts of water because many roof tiles styles are perfect for shedding rainfall from cloudbursts. If you're considering using roof tiles, note that they are very heavy and can break under certain conditions.

Types Of Roof Tiles

Below are the different types of roof tiles:

  1. Concrete Roof Tiles

These tiles are the most popular roof tiles for roofing worldwide. It is made of durable and strong material. Concrete tiles are easily accessible and affordable. In fact, many homeowners settle for concrete as their roof tiling material. Concrete roof tiles can last for 50 to 100 years if maintained properly.

  1. Terracotta Roof Tiles

These roof tiles are popular for different reasons. They're not just durable and strong for roofing but are aesthetically pleasing, especially if the style of your home is modern-like. Also, these styles are heavyweight, implying that strong winds can't easily destroy them, and they're best for coastal environments.

Depending on the condition of your environment and how well you maintain these tiles, they can last for as long as 50 to 100 years.

  1. Slate Roof Tiles

Slate roof tiles are said to be the longest-lasting roof tiles. Slate is highly sought-after and durable roofing material. It is highly resistant to corrosion, deterioration, and extreme weather conditions as a natural stone. Its durability also implies that it will require little maintenance to last longer in the long run. Slate roof tiles last for as long as 100 years or more.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Roof Tiles

Literally, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of using roof tiles:


  • Long-lasting

Roof tiles can last for as long as 100 years, especially if installed in the right climate. In particular, concrete and clay roof tiles can withstand fire, hail, and even high winds.

  • Impervious to rot and insect damage

Unlike wood, roof tiles can never rot or decay. As a result, insects or rodents can't damage this type of roof. However, even though they're highly durable, they could break from heavy impact.

  • Environmentally friendly

The heavy thermal mass of roof tiles helps in regulating indoor temperatures.

  • Warranty

Once you install roof tiles, you won't have to install another roofing type again. Most manufacturers offer upto 50 years' warranty.

  • Energy efficient

Roofing tiles are not made from synthetic materials but earth minerals and can be recycled and pulverized when removed.

  • Low maintenance

Even though roof tiles must be properly maintained to last longer, the cost of maintenance isn't high.


  • High cost

The clay roofing tiles, for instance, are more expensive than the asphalt shingles roofing system. This high cost is mostly because of the long lifespan on the tile roof that you stand to enjoy. Slate roof tiles are also expensive, but concrete tiles seem more affordable.

  • Difficult installation

Roof tiles installation requires the services of experienced expert roofing contractors. The installation process is not a DIY project, considering that the tiles must be measured, placed in a specific pattern, and checked to ensure no moisture seeps through.

  • Heavyweight

The structure of your roof must be strong enough to hold the weight of roof tiles. The concrete tile is upto 700 pounds per square, while the clay tile is upto 2000 pounds per square. By comparison, an asphalt roof weighs just 275 to 425 pounds per square. So, if you're considering replacing the asphalt roof with roof tiles, consult an engineer to determine if structural reinforcement is necessary. Take note that it will add to the cost of the new roof.

  • Tiles are brittle

There's no doubt that roof tiles are durable, but they can be broken if they suffer a heavy impact. For instance, if tree branches fall on them or too much pressure is applied while working on them, there's a high risk of damage.

  • Not suitable for all roof slopes

Roof tiles are only suitable for roofs with a relatively sharp slope. If used on roof slopes with a pitch of less than 4:12, they won't function properly.

Bottom Line

Slate is often categorized as the longest-lasting roof tiles. However, that doesn't mean it's the only best choice for you, nor is it right. You may be looking for roof tiles that suit the style of your home or one that is more affordable. So, you don't have to beat yourself so much if you can't settle for the slate roof tiles. Others are worth the use.

Besides, deciding which roofing material to use can be difficult, so it is always best to consult a professional. We have enough years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs (and roof tiles). Contact us at 1274 5th Ave New York, NY 10029 (212) 457-1324 for expert advice on which roof tile to use for your home.

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