Top Roofing Unions & Associations For New York Roofers

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The roofing industry has become a beehive of tough competition and no doubt, it is expected to maintain such tempo for a long time to come. As a roofer, is not just advisable to be a standalone roofer, no matter how good you might be, you still need the umbrella of a roofers’ union or association over you. With continuous emphasis these days on the development of high standards, the safety and health concerns of roofers, one can only actualize this to its utmost by becoming a member of any of the roofers union. The major aim of various roofers’ union is solely on the welfare of its members. The associations pride in showing their members how to utilize the latest technology towards guaranteeing high quality and safe work for every task.

Also, the unions are in partnership with different agencies is continually working on upgrading job standards and working conditions, creating synergy among individual roofers by offering strong membership links, providing assistance and protecting to the members and helping its members to attain the topmost spot in service by continuous training, workshops and other engaging programs.

The various unions (or as we like to call them “roofing royalty clubs”) available are:

The United Union Of Roofers

The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers was chartered by the American Federation of Labor on June 5, 1903, as the International Slate and Tile Roofers Union of America.  By 1978, the union adopted its current name, the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers and subsequently embarked on extensive revisions to the constitution and began a much-praised health and safety program. That same year, its membership went high as much as 28,000 members. The union has its base in Washington, D.C., with thousands of members playing active roles in nine regional district councils across the country. The northeast region of the united union is composed of some of the best local roofers in NYC.


The union is specifically made for experts who apply all types of roofing and waterproofing systems, all low-sloped roofing systems including the vegetative and solar photovoltaic roofs, structural waterproofing.

Benefits of membership

The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers offers many benefits to its members. The most outstanding is the synergy it can offer among its numerous members. As a member, you are absolutely assured of the protection of contract and dignity on the job. Not just that, a whole lot of mouth-watering benefits available for its members includes;

  •         Wages and healthcare

Members of the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofs and Allied Workers enjoy the single privilege of free healthcare coverage. This is only feasible either under the national plan or through the local union’s plan. Also, union members stand a chance of earning higher wages than non-union workers.

  •         Training

The members of the union have a full right to health and safety programs, training and apprenticeship opportunities, and cooperative labour-management research and education efforts.

  •         Retirement security

The members of the union, by virtue of partaking in the National Roofing Industry Pension Fund or another local pension fund after attaining the eligibility status, are guaranteed of steady payments for the rest of his life after retirement.

  •         Union Plus

Your membership of the roofers union gives you the opportunity for Union Plus benefits. The Union plus benefits include high purchasing power via a low-interest MasterCard, free and discounted legal services, a top-notch mortgage program, competitive loan program and mail-order prescription drugs, along with many discounts on many consumer services. Also, the remarkable benefit associated with the Union plus is the scholarship program; open for you or any member of your family (as a member).

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