Top Roofing Trends For 2023: Materials, Colors, And Styles

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It’s 2023, and getting a new roof is no longer as simple as picking a cool design and settling for durable, budget-friendly roofing materials. Technological advancements have birthed new concepts and strategies to improve your roof’s appearance, extreme weather preparedness and environmental friendliness. To stay up-to-date with these much-needed inventions, you want to hire a renowned roofing contractor that utilizes the industry’s latest and best technology and techniques to deliver unbeatable roofing services. Here are some of the latest roofing trends you can have your contractors implement on your new roofing project to bolster its lifespan, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency.

  • Impact-Resistant Roofing

Homeowners are beginning to worry less about aesthetic appeal and more about roofing systems capable of resisting extreme climate conditions. Metal roofs might not look all fancy, but it's the top choice to protect your home, especially if you live in areas that often experience hurricanes, heavy rainfall, hail storm, or snow. Besides, no one wants to deal with multiple leaks, repairing missing shingles or, worse still, replacing the entire roof after every severe storm. Aside from metal roofs, other long-lasting roofing materials include clay, slate shingles, concrete tiles, and composite roof tiles. Manufacturers have worked to improve the quality, appearance and sound-deadening attributes of these roofs, making them more appealing than before. So it’s no surprise that the demand for metal roofs and other impact-resistant and wind-resistant roofing materials is soaring.

  • Contrasting Roof Materials

Another up-and-coming trend is the combination of different roofing materials to create outstanding designs and visual contrasts. The most popular application of this trend involves blending metals with shingles, such as asphalt, to enjoy the best of both worlds. Blending roofing materials has several benefits; they include striking looks and superb cost-effectiveness. If you are wondering how combining roofing materials will help you save money, consider a situation where you use high-end roofing materials in spots that visitors easily see, then settle for affordable materials with complementary colors to cover hidden areas, thereby spending less than the initial cost of using the higher end materials throughout.

  • Sustainable Roofing Materials

Eco-friendly roofing materials are gaining popularity, and this is a welcomed development. Gradually, homeowners are adopting recyclable, energy-efficient roofing materials made from sustainable or renewable resources. Roofs under this category include cool roofs, EPDM single-ply roofing, solar Shingles, metal roofs–which are also known for their unique durability–etc. Like other industries, the roofing industry will try to build around these types of materials to bolster the emergence of more environmentally friendly roofing materials.

  • Natural And Organic Colors

Homeowners are gradually gravitating towards more natural and earthy color palettes for roofing materials. Currently, some popular choices include neutral tones such as shades of gray, brown or beige. These colors are popular thanks to their ability to blend with various architectural styles and our natural surroundings. Also, using white color on roofs is becoming a thing among homeowners as it reflects sunlight and provides natural cooling for the house.

  • Smart Roofing Technology

In line with the rapid advancements in smart home technologies, everything about roofing is gradually taking a new shape. Roofing systems are becoming more sophisticated thanks to the integration of cutting-edge sensors that have diverse capabilities, from monitoring moisture levels to automated solar-powered ventilation systems and remote-controlled skylights. These technologies are designed to boost energy efficiency and improve your roof’s lifespan.

  • Waterproofing Your Roof

If you are going to purchase a property in a region that experiences regular rainfall, waterproofing your roof is something you should consider. Water-resistant roofs are popular among homeowners who want to prevent water from penetrating their homes indefinitely. One of the highly-rated waterproof roofing solutions is rubber roofing. Rubber roofing materials are available in the form of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), constructed from an exceptionally strong rubber membrane that offers a plethora of benefits. Most homeowners tend to stir in abasement at the mention of rubber, but there’s more to rubber roofs than you think. Aside from the fact that opting for rubber roofs will help you save thousands of dollars because they are way more affordable than other roofing shingles, these types of roofs are also built to withstand high heat, strong winds, heavy rains, and even hailstorms. Rubber roofs can last up to 50 years, and depending on your roof’s layout, they can be laid in a single piece to ensure water is shut out completely.

  • Energy-Efficient Roofing Systems

Energy-efficient roofing systems are gaining traction as homeowners seek ways to outsmart rising energy costs. These roofing systems help reduce the amount of energy your building absorbs or convert the energy to other forms where they can serve more useful purposes. Examples of energy-efficient roofing systems include cool roofs, which absorb less heat by reflecting more sunlight, and solar panels, which power the home using energy from sunlight. Energy-efficient insulation and proper ventilation techniques are also being emphasized to optimize energy performance.

  • Roof Gardens And Green Roofs

More property owners are shifting their attention to green roofing solutions because who wouldn’t want to boast about having a garden atop their home?

Aside from their recreational benefits, rooftop gardens and green roofs enhance energy efficiency, reduce stormwater runoff, and contribute to environmental sustainability.


Remember that the usefulness of most of these trends will always vary based on location, architectural style and your preferences. It’s important you seek proper guidance on factors like climate, cost, and maintenance requirements before opting to follow these trends. If you want to consult New York’s trusted roofing professionals and designers with vast experience, Goldenberg Roofing is easily the top candidate.

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