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Purchasing a new flat commercial roofing system isn’t something that a majority of us do. And the few who actually do it seldom take the necessary preemptive measures to ensure a successful transaction. Instead, they prefer to have blind faith in their contractor to do everything on their behalf.

Now, did you know that up to 85% of all flat roofing systems use a commercial roofing product called modified bitumen?

This critical flat roofing product comes in thicknesses that range from 3.5mm to 5.0mm, 3-inches by 33-inches long and comes in handy when installing the flat roof. Of course, not every contractor is trustworthy enough to put the needs of the client above everything else and purchase the finest modified bitumen available. A deceiving contractor will always go for products of low quality, from the type of flat roofing system to modified bitumen, and subsequently, quote abnormal prices.

So, problems typically arise when the unsuspecting client is duped into trusting that this modified bitumen is of a higher thickness when it actually is a thinner one. And because the contractor has been in the business for 10-12 years, the client will most definitely have no reason to smell a rat!


So, if you are set to install a new flat commercial roofing system, don’t do it without a thorough understanding of these factors:

  1. Request to see the receipt of the materials purchased

The absence of a receipt will insinuate a shady deal. If the receipt looks fake or suspicious, go ahead and inquire from the supplier to determine the quality and price of whatever was purchased.

  1. Determine the quality of the roofing materials purchased

Consider the estimated lifespan of the modified bitumen, the roof itself and several other vital accessories. Conditions to focus on here are its durability, sustainability, and reputation, plus its characteristics – if it’s flexible, prefabricated, fit for UV and so forth. It is a commercial roof, which simply means it will have to last longer without ever cracking, caving in or leaking.

  1. Seek to know if the contractor is a manufacturer certified installer

Nowadays, manufacturers of top-quality commercial roofing materials prefer to appoint specific installers in a bid to protect their reputations. And so, you shouldn’t hesitate to know if the contractor you’ve opted to hire is approved by the manufacturer. Remember, if you choose a roofing service which is not certified to install the specific brand name material, you’ll risk losing the warranty!

  1. Don’t forget another very crucial tip: Timing

Ask the contractor when the project will be done and which sub-contractors if any will be involved. Get it all in writing.

You should also seek to know if there will be any delays, disruptions or interruptions in the course of the installation. The use of materials like TPO and PVC demand shorter installation time and should not interrupt the daily business going on at your commercial premises.

Take all the aforementioned points into consideration and don’t take any chances when it comes to your roof- the first line of defense of your commercial structure.


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