The Top GAF Shingles Of 2022

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Although there are many different asphalt shingles, GAF roofing shingles stand out for their quality, vitality, versatility, and affordability. GAF, one of the oldest and biggest roofing factories in the United States, produces a wide range of shingles suitable for both low-cost and high-end residences.

The cost of a new roof is a significant consideration for most property owners. GAF offers a wide range of products that are suitable for every budget. We will take a look at some of GAF’s most famous three-tab, architectural, and designer shingles in the subsequent paragraphs – we’ll examine their features and benefits.

GAF Classic 3 Tab Shingles 

Royal Sovereign shingles are a fantastic option if you want to install a new, pleasant-looking roof without breaking the bank.

Strip or 3-tab shingle is the name for this type of shingle. A flat appearance, and also cut-outs or tabs along the long edge, distinguishes them. Hence, it appears that there are three portions when there is only one.

While many individuals think standard shingles are ugly, GAF has gone to incredible pains to build Royal Sovereign actually to improve the curb appeal of your residence.


  • Long-lasting top asphalt coating for innovative weather safety
  • Limestone filling content for optimum wind-uplift residence
  • Withstands winds of about sixty mph
  • Ceramic fired granules retain actual color for ages
  • Layered with unique StainGuard safety to prevent blemishes from blue-green algae
  • Leading Class A Fire Rating
  • Insusceptible to tearing and ripping
  • Twenty-five year limited transferrable guarantee

GAF Architectural Shingles 

Roofing professionals advocate installing laminated or architectural shingles for significantly durable safety and a more attractive. Due to the fact they are laminated with an additional coating of asphalt rather than cut-outs, they have a deeper, more dimensional appearance.

With its famed Timberline architectural shingles, GAF is more advanced than its competitors in this area. These are the most popular "Lifetime" roofing shingles in the United States.

In the Timberline brand name, there are five product lines:

  • Natural Shadows

This Timberline Lifetime Shingle is the most cost-effective of all the Timberline Lifetime Shingles. It comes in seven different hues and looks like a wood shake.

  • Timberline HD

The most well-known product among builders and property owners is GAF Timberline HD. For its standard and resilience, this product has acquired the Good Housekeeping seal.

HD also comes in fourteen distinct color options for the wood shake effect. Among all GAF lines, this one has the most color possibilities.

The primary distinction between HD and Natural Shadow is how the color coating is mixed and applied on the shingle. HD colors are worked in gradients and have more significant tone differences; in contrast, Natural Shadow colors are more uniform. This gives them a more natural wood appearance.

All other characteristics are nearly identical between the two, so you're paying more for curb appeal and a more comprehensive range of color options.

  • Timberline Ultra

This shingle was created as an upgrade from Timberline HD and is meant for more affluent homes. It copies the simple beauty of wood shake, however, with even more proportions and impressive shadow lines than the last two.

The Good Housekeeping Seal has also been awarded to Timberline Ultra. Classic architectural styles like Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, and Cape Cod will look fabulous with this elegant shingle.

Ultra roof shingles are fifty-three percent thicker than HD roof shingles and employ proprietary color combinations. This is a substantial enough variation to be visible while gazing up at the roof.

Furthermore, the shingle has Improved Stain Resistance, consisting of small capsules that progressively release copper, which resists blue-green algae stains.

Timberline Ultra shingles are not very famous due to their high price. At this price bracket, you can obtain a higher-quality, durable roofing material such as corrugated metal panels or low-cost steel shingles.

  • American Harvest

This product range is comparable to HD; however, it is designed for more contemporary architectural types. Some of the color combinations seem like slate. Two-tone color blends and dramatic shadows differentiate American Harvest roofs, giving them a powerful and rough appearance.

This shingle looks excellent next to stucco, light-colored brick, and stone. It goes well with the Mediterranean, modern colonial, farmhouse, and bungalow styles of architecture.

  • Armorshield

An ArmorShield roof will work for you if you're seeking a dimensional shingle with added protection. It stands out among Timberline roofs thanks to its rubber–life elasticity and exceptional impact resistance.

It's made with a modified SBS asphalt recipe and has passed Class 4 Impact Resistance Tests, indicating that it can survive hail impact.

ArmorShield shingles are also guaranteed to resist winds of about one hundred and thirty miles per hour. Having this roof installed will likely entitle you to a home insurance discount.

Cool Series 

If you want to reduce your cooling bills and reduce the temperature in your attic, the Timberline Cool Series roof is the way to go. This is a very reflective shingle that has been designated as an excellent roofing solution by the Energy Star program.

Rather than absorbing the sun's UV rays and raising the attic temperature, as well as your AC expenditures, this roof will reflect them into the atmosphere. It has an emissivity value of 0.92 (on a ranking of 0 to 1), which may reflect solar energy.

GAF Designer Shingles 

GAF offers seven different varieties of designer roofing shingles:

  1. Sienna – these are GAF's most cost-effective designer shingles, costing only a portion of the price of regular architectural shingles. They come in a distinctive diamond form and four lovely earth tone colors to complement any roof and home style. Sienna shingles are perfect for those who want to make a statement and make their home attract attention.
  2. Camelot – 8 colors, one-of-a-kind shape crafted by an artisan, more extensive than a regular shingle tab
  3. Camelot II shingles- They are similar to Camelot shingles in terms of quality, pattern, and size. Five specially blended, multi-tone colors that look like natural slate are available.
  4. Glenwood – The industry's thickest dimensional shingle (3x layer construction) offers extraordinary vitality, durability, and weather resistance. Six uniquely blended hues and artisan-created shapes of hand-split cedar shake. Glenwood is one of GAF's most famous designer collections. It's also one of the most authentic-looking natural wood shaking copies available.
  5. Grand Sequoia – polished beauty with unique shapes, oversized tabs, and custom mixed six colors. These are perfect for residences who want a contemporary roof without imitating other entities.
  6. Slateline – one of the most famous designer shingles committed to achieving a realistic slate appearance. Each shingle has five mixed colors and tapered cutouts like slate stone.
  7. Woodland shingles are among the most affluent-looking shingles on the market - five multi-tone earthy colors, big tabs, hand-cut style of old-world European shingles.

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