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This past winter, we all enjoyed seeing the beautiful snow flakes falling outside our windows. However, did we ever think about what’s going on with our roof-tops during this time?

Old shingles or other roofing material that have deteriorated over the years due to weather conditions can simply collapse from snow and ice. Snow and ice will usually be the “straw that broke the camels back” when it comes to faulty roofing materials. The snow collected on a roof often gathers at the edges and forms ice dams that will eventually cause holes and/or leakage.

If your roof is leaking or you suspect that you have snow related damage, these tips are for you. First, If you happen to see a lot of snow pooled on your roof and you have the ability to go up their with a shovel and knock off the snow, do it. This will definitely help minimize damage to the roof. Next, call a qualified contractor and have them asses your leaking points or damaged areas. Tell the contractor to be concise in describing the details of the damage, what needs to be removed and replaced, what material is required and what will be the cost. If they haven’t already mentioned it, ask them about repairing your roof using high quality roofing membranes and try to avoid getting pushed into replacing the roof all together. Finally, if everything sounds good try to get them to provide you with the longest parts and labor warranty possible on the repair. We recommend only calling GAF Master Elite roofing contractors as they provide the longest warranties on the market.

Replacing the damaged roofing material ( ie. tiles, shingles) at the points of leakage and using these high quality membranes should definitely do the trick. If you can afford it and have compatible roofing material, many suggest installing heating wires that you can turn on and off as required to melt the ice and snow. This will allow it to quickly drain into rain gutters before it can cause any damage.

As prevention is better than cure, it’s wise to have your roof top and attic area well examined before the winter starts and avoid the post-winter roofing traumas that many of us endure.

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