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A leak in the ceiling can often be annoying. Putting out buckets or blankets may help you at first, but it isn’t a sustainable solution. This article will tell you some of the common causes of roof leaks and how you can repair your leaky roof in the best way.

There are multiple reasons why roofs develop leaks, this section will outline some of the most common causes of a leak. As the roof ages, it deteriorates, constant exposure to the elements causes it to become brittle and it becomes less effective at keeping water out. Roof venting may not be sealed correctly, or the seal may have cracked over time. Debris on the roof may have cause water to pool and seep through the roof. Roofing tiles may be cracked or missing due to high winds or debris. These common reasons for roof leaks may, or may not, explain why your roof is leaking. Once you’ve discovered a leak, the most important thing to do is fix it.

To fix a leak, take a ladder and safely climb onto the roof of your home with sealant. When doing anything on the roof you should make your safety your top priority. If you feel unsafe climbing onto the roof, ask a friend to do it for you. If your roof is more than one story high you should seriously consider hiring a professional. First, look for any noticeable holes or damaged shingles. If you find a crack, use the sealant to stop it leaking. If a shingle is damaged, replace it with a new one. However, what if the roof appears to be in good condition, how do you find the leak then? Take a hose onto the roof and ask a friend to go inside the house to the site of the leak. Turn the hose on and start to wet the roof and get your friend to tell you when the leak appears inside the house. From there try to narrow down the location of the leak. Once you’ve found the source of the leak use the sealant to plug the hole or crack.

Once you’ve done this procedure your home should once again be leak free. You should try to take regular care of your roof to prevent future leaks from occurring. Trimming trees can prevent debris from falling onto your roof and causing damage. Cleaning gutters will make sure that water drains properly from the roof, rather than pooling. Looking regularly for broken or cracked shingles will make sure you can replace them before they become a big problem. Taking these simple actions will save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Leaks in roofs can be frustrating and cause slipping hazards. This article has told you some of the most common causes of roof leaks. A do-it-yourself solution to your roof leak was also explained. Some simple techniques you can employ to prevent future leaks was also discussed. It is hoped that with this knowledge you will be able to not just be able fix your leak but also take care of your roof.

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