10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Flat Roofing

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If you have a flat roof as your primary roof at your home or place of work, then you are guilty of this! Many homeowners use flat roofs as their flat roofs but they don't really know some interesting things about them. You probably installed them because your roofing contractor advised you to do so. Or because you liked the aesthetics and how it looks on buildings.

Flat roofs are rapidly growing in popularity because new designs and various modern options are now available. These designs made flat roofs more stylish and leak-proof than they used to be. And also, one of the most preferred roofing for both commercial and residential buildings.

Are you wondering what these facts are? You will be surprised when you find out the numerous benefits and activities your flat roof does and offer you. Here are ten interesting facts that you didn't know about flat roofs.

Flat Roofs Are Not Really Flat

In contrast to its name, a flat roof is not actually flat. It has a slight slope of about ¼ inch that helps to empty the water on your roof and also to prevent ponding waters from staying on your roof. It's called a flat roof because it's close to being flat and then it has an almost opposite, which is a pitched roof.

Even though it has a little pitch, it doesn't affect its design and effectiveness. If your flat roof is installed professionally, the pitch will be so slight that it can be hardly noticed.

Your Location Determines Your Flat Roof

Do you know that your location determines the kind of flat roof you install on your building? You don't and shouldn't decide the type of flat roof you should install If you have not considered the environmental factor.

While all flat roofs can work in all weather conditions, some work better than others in particular weather conditions. But overall, flat roofing works well in densely inhabited areas. For example, cities with business buildings.

Flat Roofs Are Easy To Climb And Walk On

Unlike pitched roofs, flat roofs are easy to climb and also walk on. It might be for maintenance or other things. And since you can build a garden path on your flat roof, it can even be used for relaxation. While you should be careful while climbing and when walking on flat roofs, it is easier to find out what's on your roof.

Flat Roofs Are Sensible Insulators

Yes, flat roofing materials are good insulators. These roofs are put in sheet materials of 0.030 to 0.060 inches and are applied to the roof with a single layer. Being fabricated from compounds, they're adaptable and can handle temperature changes. The polymer used in the roof cap sheets provides improved physical property and adaptability in lower temperatures.

Flat Roofs Are Popular On Business Buildings

Flat roofs are more popular in commercial buildings, thanks to their energy economical features. Several massive corporations use the top area to store their Heating, Venting, and air-con (HVAC) machines – keeping them out of sight, but still accessible.

Another reason why flat roofs are the most common type of roof used for commercial buildings is that they are less costly both in installing and maintenance.  They are also not difficult to inspect, repair, and replace.

Roofs Are Versatile

Another interesting fact about flat roofs is that they are versatile.  Flat roofs enable you to maximize the space both inside and outside the building. For example, you can install storage units or solar panels to create some extra space within your property.

Flat roofs are nice for additional activities in residential buildings like in greenhouse, garden, solar array installation, skylights, and air-conditioning components. You can choose to use a flat roof that is constructed from recycled materials to reduce your carbon footprint.

Flat Roofs Are Sturdy

Flat roofs last within 15-30 years. But PVC (a type of flat roofing) can last up to 50 years if maintained properly.

While it's been argued about which has a longer life span: Flat or pitched roof, it depends on the environment, your building, how it was installed, and how well you maintain it. You might install both pitched roofs in flat roofs in an area, and then after several years, the pitched roof starts to develop problems and needs a replacement.

On the other hand, you can do the same and the flat roof starts to develop problems. But the fact is that flat roofs are sturdy and last for a long period.

Flat Roofs Are Fixed By Professionals

Flat roofs are advanced structures that need intricate planning and professional installation.  Therefore, it should be handled by professionals and veterans popularly called roofing contractors or roofers.

Flat Roof Breathes

As funny as it might sound, it is also one of the amazing facts about a flat roof. It simply means that a flat roof wants air.

Roof ventilation is one of the foremost essential aspects of the entire roof system. Roof ventilation permits warm, dampish air to flee and cooler, drier air to return into the attic. If there is no ventilation, condensation goes to create up in your attic, which might harm walls, wood, and insulation.

Appropriate roof ventilation will cut energy costs, reduce the indoor temperature, and extend the lifetime of the roof.

A Flat Roof Cleans The Atmosphere

Another interesting fact about a flat roof is that it has cool roofs that reflect infrared and ultraviolet rays from the sun away from the building and have a better thermal emittance or ability to efficiently emit radiation. Not only do flat roofs help roof owners conserve energy, but they also reduce pollution and greenhouse emissions by noticing the warmth.

These are some major facts about flat roofs; however, the facts are not limited to the list mentioned above. You can contact us for your free quotes, inspection and enquiries. about flat roofing. Connect with us for your next roofing project at 1274 5th Ave New York, NY 10029 (212)/457-1324

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