Debunking Top Ten Roofing Myths

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“Roofing”- Sometimes, this word can be both overstated and understated. You can’t deny the importance of roofs in our everyday lives, but the complexity surrounding its application can lead to confusion. Some people have many misconceptions regarding roofing, which has left so many believing in things that aren’t right and leaving blank spaces in questions that deserve credible answers. Getting individuals exposed to the correct information isn’t a day’s work, but we can start somewhere. The myths we will mention below should help homeowners dial back on their misunderstanding of roofing issues.

You Can Re-Roof Over Existing Shingles

This misconception has led to so many costly roof repairs by homeowners. It’s not right to apply new roofing shingles over old ones. The only exception is that the former roofing shingles should still be very durable and in good shape. If the exception is the situation, then you can use Spray Polyurethane Foam on the existing roofing shingles before installing the new one. The SPF should prevent direct contact between the new and old roofing shingles and provide extra insulation for the roofing structure.

All Asphalt Shingles Are Of the Same Quality

You can consider this myth debunked. Even though all asphalt shingles are manufactured from the same material, it’s not a guarantee that they share the same qualities and properties. During manufacturing, different textures and colors are used to make asphalts of other varieties. These additions also affect the pricing and quality of different asphalt shingles, so don’t even think for a second that going for the cheapest would give you the same attributes of more expensive shingles. You can contact your roofing contractor for more information regarding your preferred shingles.

Metal Roofing Makes For A Warmer Home

This myth is a flat out lie. Your choice of roofing material isn’t a significant dictator of your home’s warmth; your roof’s insulation is. With appropriate use of roofing insulation to prevent hot air from entering your home, you shouldn’t have to worry much about the roofing shingles used to build-up your roof. Metal roofs conduct more heat than asphalt roofs, but it shouldn’t be a problem with good insulation.

Metal Roofs Leads To A Decline Of Your Home’s Worth

Whoever that tells you this has no idea what he’s talking about. Metal roofs do the exact opposite. Due to the long lifespan of metal roofs, your home’s estimated cost should increase with time. Since metal roofs do not degrade as much as asphalt roofs, the maintenance cost will be significantly reduced, which will be appreciated by any buyer. You can know more about the lifespan of roofing materials on our website.

Metal Roofs Prevent Formation Of Ice

The type of roofing material used for your home does not determine how often ice forms on it. Metal Roofs will hold up as much ice as an asphalt roof. The primary factor determining how much ice forms on roofs is the ventilation and insulation of the roof. It’s best to have proper ventilation in your attic to enable heat from your home to rise towards your rooftop on a snowy day. This heat will breakdown the clumps of ice on the roof and causes them to melt away. The slope of your roof and size of your roof gutters can also play a vital role in reducing ice formation on your top.

Anyone Can Do DIY Roof Repairs And Installation

If this was the case, then there won’t be any need for roofing contractors. This myth is both incorrect and dangerous; most homeowners who feel they can do it all by themselves make mistakes that pose financial and health risks. Homeowners sometimes disregard the dedication, work experience, and qualifications of expert roofing contractors. No matter how careful you might be at following DIY guidelines, you will never do the work as perfectly as certified roofers. Some might try to evade labor costs but will find themselves paying more in roof damages. However, with roofing contractors’ responsibilities, you will be a hundred percent insured for the services offered to you.

Maintenance Periods For New Roofs Are More Extended Than That Of Older Roofs

This myth is not valid. You can’t rule out the chances of a sudden repair if your roof was newly installed. Irregular wear and degradation isn’t the only factor that leads to maintenance. Bad installation and weather hazards, among other factors, can lead to the repair, renovation, or re-installation of a new roof.

No Leak Means No Fix

As funny as this sound, it’s the principle that most homeowners adhere to, which is very wrong. A roof leak shouldn’t be the only guarantee that your roof needs repair. Most roofs tend to get damaged without necessarily leaking, and can be very dangerous for your home when left to rot. You should always be ahead of such problems by scheduling a periodic check-up with a capable roofer.

No Repairs Needed If You Reside In An Area Of Mild Climatic Conditions

Extreme weather isn’t the only cause of roof defects, so the above myth is bogus. You might not know, but insects such as termites can lead to internal roof decay, especially when untreated wood is used as the roof’s skeletal structure. Roof repair is a necessity, no matter where you reside.

Repair Costs Are Always The Same, Regardless Of The Severity

If this were true, there wouldn’t be any need for estimations. Most homeowners always arrive at this conclusion because they tend to delay their roof repairs until it becomes worse, and then make a reference to when the problem was still a minor one. Taking on a roofing problem when it recently occurred will cost you significantly less than when you ignore it for a long time.

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