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Finding an honest and professional contractor could be a difficult task if not done right. Hiring a roofing contractor is not as simple as it sounds. Your roof is the most important part of your house as it protects everything you own. This article helps you in how you can choose the right roofer.

Check license and insurance:

A well reputed roofing company must have insurance for all their employees. Hiring a licensed contractor is very crucial. Mostly unlicensed contractors and companies hire low wage workers who are not professional roofers. Make sure when you hire a roofing contractor to ask about their license and insurance status. Also check their reviews online.    

Pay attention to the Paper Work:

The paper work is very important when hiring a company. Usually, a contract is signed between the contractor and building owner. The contract should contain complete details of products, duration, cost and warranty.Contractors must have their license active with an adequate levels of workers compensation. A contractor is breaking the law when he says he is a claims specialist and negotiates on behalf of home owner for insurance claim. It is illegal according to state’s law.

Unprofessional Style of Work:

Don’t compromise on the grounds of safety concerns. Most of the contractors do roofing work without professional training and safety programs. Be concerned about safety and make sure you hired a safety 1st roofer.

Extensive Warranties:

Don’t compromise on a warranty; try to hire a contractor who offers extensive warranties. Improper installation of the roof usually takes a long time to show up. If the warranty time is short then you will likely pay for repairs out of your pocket.

Choose from your Community:

Choosing a contractor from your own community can make the search for a professional contractor easy. It also minimizes the risk of scams. You can easily research their reputation of work if they are local. You can also talk to their costumers for verification.  

Don’t Jump to Decision Fast:

When you decide to install a new roof or repair an old one do your homework first. Find the most professional, licensed and experienced contractor in your community. You can find a list online and then read their ratings and reviews. If a contractor pressures you into signing the contract without an insurance verification they might be a fraud. Ensure the contractor thoroughly examines the work site and provides you with a copy of insurance papers.  

Looking Out for Your Best Interest:

Professional and experienced roofing contractors always try to satisfy their clients. They must be looking out for your best interests and provide you different material options such as design, color choice and quality of material. The resale value of a house can be affected by such factors, so never ever compromise on quality of work and material.   

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