Step By Step Guide: How To Seal My New York Flat Roof

Sealing your flat roof makes your roof last longer and makes it irresistible to weather and damages. While it is good to seal your roof, sealing it by yourself can be stressful especially, if you want to seal an old installed roof. But it will become easier and less stressful if you follow the processes […]

Flat Roof Sealant: What Is The Best Sealant For My Flat Roof?

Like every other roof, flat roofs require regular maintenance and protective measures. And though flat roofs generally have a long life span, this could only be achieved when appropriately maintained. And one of the most rewarding ways to maintain your flat roofing is to apply sealant. Flat roofs are designed to withstand the onslaught of […]

Are Flat roof's cheaper to repair & maintain?

It's a no-brainer that most flat roofs are cheaper to buy and install than pitched roofs. Most homeowners and property managers are aware of this. But what about maintenance and repair? Is it really more cost-effective in the long run? Even though flat roofs are more pocket-friendly to buy and install, it's not all that […]

Flat Roofing Contractors Near Me: How To Get the Best Contractor

You need to get a new roof. But how can you find a reliable roofing company that can deliver a satisfactory job? Maybe you've already had a chat with many potential roofing contractors. Still, you're not sure which roofer to give the contract. There's nothing to worry about. Most property managers and homeowners with quality […]

Brownstoner Flat Roofing: The Staple Of The NYC Skyline

Among all the type of roofing, flat roofing is the most commonly used. This may be due to its being adopted by brownstoners at an early age. Since then, flat roofing has been modernized to different patterns and types. It has become so rampant in NYC and after a little conduction; data shows that brownstoners […]

Pros And Cons Of Flat Roofing

The roof has always been a critical point of consideration while designing a building. In ancient times, humans use timbers and in some areas, grass to roof their houses.  With the ever exponential development in engineering and technology, other roofing design concepts have come to limelight. The flat is one of the most common roofing […]

Different Flat Roof Styles & Materials Available In NYC

 Flat roofing is universally associated with commercial buildings.  When it comes to residential properties, they usually have pitched roofs to achieve a desired homey appearance. However, recently roofing has been revolutionized and now there is more choice. A more modern approach is to have a residential flat roof. Flat roofs can exude that modern minimalistic […]


Flat roofs may not look as picturesque as pitched roofs, but there are benefits to using this on commercial or even residential buildings. In fact, the design has become quite trendy – flip through Architectural Digest and other design magazines, and you’ll see plenty of flat-roof designs in modern or “edgy industrial” homes. What’s causing […]


Just because you have decided to go the DIY way and create a flat roof for your home doesn’t mean that your wife and friends are right when they tell you that you will end up with an inadequate roof. Your DIY flat roof project can end up being a memorable and extremely fulfilling venture. […]


Once you get a roof over your head, the next thing you might want to make sure is that it looks stable and presentable. Primer is something that would be a great help in this regard. Applying the primer not only adheres the roof coating to the roof surface but it also penetrates deep enough […]

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