Are Metal Roofs Worth The Investment?

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Metal roofs can be an excellent choice for homes, especially in New York City. It is easy to see that flat roofs, in general, are the most popular option for this area, and there are many reasons for that. Specifically, I wanted to explore metal roofs and why across the country they are becoming one of the most popular materials for flat roof construction and when they are worth the additional costs.

First, metal roofs are not a cheap option. If we go per 100sq ft, their price is sometimes 3 or 4 times the cost of other flat roof options like BUR or EPDM, costing about $1200 per 100 sq ft compared to only $250 for other flat roofs. Pitched roofs with shingles can cost about $350 per 100 sq ft. So why would it be worth spending more, when there are other alternatives?

Questions to ask before buying a metal roof:


Do you own your home and how long do you plan on living there?

Roofing prices increase every decade, no matter the material. The life expectancy of a quality metal roof can easily be 10, 20 or even 30 years longer than shingles or other materials. This means significant cost savings in the future, on labor, supplies, and the stress of having to replace a roof. This is especially true if you have a roof with a lot of features, like skylight or intersections where the time to install a roof is longer.

A second thing to point out is that roofs seriously enhance the curb appeal and resale value of a home. If you do plan to sell you home, and the potential buyers know they won't have to spend money a few years down the road on a new roof, it gives you more leverage in the sale.

How is the structure of the building?

Although it might be counter-intuitive, metal roofs are actually about 50% lighter than other roofs. This is because the material, support, and decks that go into the roof are greatly reduced because of the natural strength of the metal.

The quality of metal roofs also ads to the structure of the overall building. Because there are far fewer seams with metal roofs because of how the metal sheets are cut, leaks are less likely. Leaks and storm damage cause major issues to homes every year because of rot and mold. Metal roofs can easily prevent challenges like these. This also means that maintaining your roof, and damage that usually starts from the roof will be reduced.

What is your current electric bill?

In the heat of summer, our cooling costs can be astronomical. This is because all day the sun beats down on the roof, the heat is absorbed and passed into the home. A metal roof is an excellent material to reflect the heat and sunlight without requiring you to do things like repaint your roof every season like is done for some other flat roofs. Costs of electric bills can sometimes drop 10% after a metal roof is installed.

Roof Safety

A final point to discuss is that metal roofs are a very safe option. Aside from preventing dangerous molds as is common with wood. A huge benefit over wood or plastics is that metal is much stronger and secure in a fire. The risk of collapse and the fire spreading is less with a metal roof.

Metal roofs for your home can be an excellent and safe option. They are not for everyone because of the additional upfront costs, but as we have seen there are serious cost savings in the future.



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