Are Flat roof's cheaper to repair & maintain?

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It's a no-brainer that most flat roofs are cheaper to buy and install than pitched roofs. Most homeowners and property managers are aware of this. But what about maintenance and repair? Is it really more cost-effective in the long run?

Even though flat roofs are more pocket-friendly to buy and install, it's not all that cheaper to maintain than a pitched roof.

When you want to roof your building, you either choose a flat roof or a pitched roof. But your preference will determine the longevity of your roof. Obviously, the design and structure of your house will influence your buying decision. And we strongly recommend employing the services of a professional roofing contractor, especially since it's one of the most critical parts of your building. They will advise whether your building needs a flat roof or a pitched roof.

There are many factors to consider to ascertain if a flat roof is indeed the cheapest alternative. But before then, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs.

The Advantages Of Flat Roofs

  • Large Covering: Although flat roofs have large covering, they do not hinder the light because of their low slope/slant shape.
  • Light Regulation: Having a regulated amount of light and exposure in your home is vital. Flat roofs help you to solve this problem by regulating the light and exposure within your home.
  • Shade: Your roof gives shade to your house and its environment. You have an opportunity to rest and dwell under it.
  • Less Costly: A flat roof is less costly in the market and is easily affordable to most homeowners. Of course, it is quite costly but lesser when compared to pitched roofs.
  • Easy To Install: Whether you are using an EPDM or PVC, they are easy to install. Although one is accessible than the other, they are easy to install.
  • Energy Efficient: Flat roofs are one of the most energy-effective material alternatives accessible for homeowners.
  • Easy For Foot Traffic: It's much easier to walk on a flat roof than a pitched one. Although a flat roof is not entirely flat, It is much easier to walk on

The Disadvantages Of Flat Roofs

  • Design And Structure: To some extent, flat roofs don't offer as many complex and unique designs
  • Stability: Some flat roofs are not stable when installed, especially when used on large buildings. So the larger the building, the lesser the stableness.
  • Drainage: When used for a long time, flat roofs tend not to drain water well. In this case, the flashing and the gutters do not drain water effectively.
  • Small Space: Because of how small it is, you might not have an attic in your house, or even when you have, it might be small. But a pitch building allows you to have attic spaces.
  • Low Insulation: Although it's possible to insulate your flat roof, it's isn't as effective as pitched roofs.

Flat Roofs And Pitched Roofs Maintenance: Differences And Similarities

  • Support:

    Both flat and pitched rooftops require customary support. Pitched rooftops might be harder to clean and assess because of the inclined design, but flat rooftops regularly need more support for the duration of the roof's existence.

  • Attractiveness:

    Flat roof is not as attractive as a pitched roof because pitched roofs are applied for complex and structural designs.

  • Drainage:

    Without routine maintenance, the drainage of a flat roof can become obstructed, causing harm and holes in your home.

  • Waterproof Seal:

    Flat roofs require a watertight seal to prevent leaks and expensive fixes. Many flat roof leaks happen as a result of periodic maintenance and upkeep. So, in case you are choosing a flat roof, you should make sure you create a regular check for it. Although a pitched roof does not have a waterproof seal, it's shaped like an umbrella, making it easier to drain water.

  • Cost:

    For buying and installation, a flat roof is less expensive than a pitched roof. A 900-square-foot flat roof made of concrete tiles costs between $6,108 to $7,635. On the other end, a decently pitched roof with similar particulars goes from $7,878 to $9,848. However, the money you save off from installing a flat roof can move back into the cost of flat roof repairs and maintenance in the long run. Flat roof maintenance costs are more costly than pitched rooftops, and they are less inclined to protect from harsh temperatures. While a pitched roof can take and moderate in the severe weather. However, a flat roof is more energy-efficient and saves you some costs.

  • Design:

    Consider whether the actual construction of a flat or pitched rooftop is appropriate for your property. A pitched roof gives more firm to the structure than a flat roof. Notwithstanding, a flat roof is a reasonable and valuable choice if you live in regions that get little precipitation. Flat roofs are also trendy. So if you plan on having a more modern home, whether you plan on going the eco-friendly way or not, flat roofing is your best bet.

If you want to add another roof to your home or shed, make sure to think about every one of the accessible choices. Pitch roofs come in an assortment of styles. Flat roofs have no slant and are accessible in modified bitumen, single membrane (EPDM, TPO, PVC, etc.), and buildup roofing.

So back to the question, are flat roofs cheaper to repair and maintain? Certainly no. However, there are a lot to gain from flat roofing that is not possible with pitched roofing. Although the choice of your flat roofing material can affect the cost of installation and maintenance, your roofer can determine how long it will last. Hiring the best experienced and seasoned flat roofer can help you get a flat roofing system that will stand the test of time without you necessarily spending much on repairs and maintenance. For the most rewarding roofing services, reach out to us at 1274 5th Ave New York, NY 10029 (212) 457-1324

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