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Fascia and Soffit are both important to your home’s look and functionality. The soffit is for covering the under-hang of your roof and gables and provides protection from animals along with providing intake ventilation to your attic. Fascia is for covering the bare wood that seals the ends of eaves and gives a surface for installing the eaves-trough. Properly installing the fascia and soffits is crucial as it protects the eaves portion of your roof from water related damage and animal intrusions. Virtually maintenance free and available in different colors, you can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal drastically. With the help of Sheepshead Bay roofers, homeowners can improve and modernize their homes through the installation of maintenance free siding. You’ll also have the added advantage of better insulation and thermal efficiency, raising the functionality and value of your property. This also has benefits for commercial building owners as it is an economical way to make your building look more modern. It is more practical than doing major exterior renovations or repainting which can be very expensive. Here are a few tips on choosing the right fascia, soffit, and siding materials?


  •  Fascia and soffit installations are usually done in aluminum. Check out the different colors available and seek out advice from professional Sheepshead Bay home exterior contractors if you are unsure of it will affect your structure’s appearance.
  • Do you own an old home or building? Wood based fascia and soffit can usually be restored using cedar, pine, etc.
  • Looking for different siding materials? You can choose from aluminum, vinyl, and cement fiber which is a low maintenance, highly durable material that is available in different styles.
  • Once you install new siding, you can now install proper vapor retarders, like Tyvec building wrap and exterior insulation. Just like fascia and soffit, siding is decorative and adds functionality to your home. It will protect your home and improve the overall appearance. You will also notice bigger savings in energy and lessened maintenance requirements as well. Aluminum and vinyl sidings aren’t usually painted since they are more durable than wood. If you’ve already had insulation installed before the siding, this can lead to drastic reductions in energy usage.

Should you choose Vinyl or Aluminum sidings?

Both materials have their advantages and it would be best to consult a roofer to find out which one would be ideal for your home and needs. For some structures, you have no choice but to use aluminum as it is necessary to meet fire codes. Vinyl is praised for having better insulation and is also less likely to dent. It is also more fade resistant when compared with aluminum but some people also prepare the appearance of aluminum over vinyl. When looking to improve your roof, take some time to find qualified home improvement contractors to make sure you know all your options and which ones would be most suitable for your specific needs and tastes. There will be several to choose from but finding the right one will lead you to more savings and a stronger, improved home.


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