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    The easiest way to build a roof for your garage is to build a flat garage exterior. The low height of a flat roof makes it easy to find materials for and even easier to build. If necessary, even a single Park Slope roofer can do it on their own. It can also work around areas with building codes that forbid tall structures if your location follows certain regulations. Depending on your roof’s orientation, it might also be the ideal roofing choice to make your garage resist very strong winds thanks to its low profile compared to a pitched roof. For basic structures like 1 or 2 car garages, Several Park slope roofers say this is the roofing solution of choice. Though it’s called a flat roof, flat roofs are not entirely flat. It still needs to be able to drain water off of its surface.There is a slight slope for draining away water. Any pooled water can spell disaster for home exteriors. Water must never enter the construction as it can damage the roof trusses. A few degrees of roof angle is usually enough to take care of this problem. The materials typically used on flat roof simply consist of roofing felt and either plastic or metal roofing sheets. These are practical and good choices for waterproof roofs with a slight angle since the overlaps and seams can be installed tightly and closed off to water. They are very easy to install as well, being secured mostly with nails and screws. A flat garage roof is a very simple structure. It is practical, durable, and easy to install. Some people prefer a totally flat roof. While this is impossible, a good compromise that a park slope roofer can offer is giving the illusion of a completely flat roof. You can achieve this illusion by building a parapet around the perimeter of the roof. This will make the parapet seem like the roof and will hide the slight slope of your actual roof. Though people choose to do this for aesthetic reasons alone, it is worth noting that this setup is prone to leakage which can be difficult to repair. This means that you’ll need to perform regular roof inspections more often as well as perform maintenance more often too. Ask yourself if you the additional work is really worth having a completely flat roof. Consult your Park Slope roofer about this kind of setup and weigh the pros and cons together. As aforementioned, a flat roof garage is a simple structure but it gets the job done. It is easy to inspect, easy to repair, and requires less maintenance. Best of all, they have a long lifespan and with proper maintenance, can last several years. Be sure to get different quotes from multiple Park Slope roofers to get the best possible deal. Take the time to find a roofer you can trust since a botched roof job can lead to several repairs over a long period of time. Better to do it right the first time around so you won’t need to worry about your roof for the next few years.

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