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Shopping For The Right Roof Type In Glendale

The available roofing you can choose from today are much more advanced than what our parents had before us doing more than simply covering our homes from sunshine and rainfall. As all Glendale contractors will tell you, modern, properly installed home exteriors can make all the difference when it comes to practical functional comfort and poor protection from the elements. Along with durability and strength, modern roofing is also more beautiful and does more to improve the look of your home. Whenever speaking to roofers on the topic of roof construction, certain aspects come to mind such as how the space from the ceiling is bridged, what type of supports are used, and several other additions that improve the look and functionality of the roof. The slope, for example, is crucial to the design of the roof and determines the downpour of water into the drainage.

What comprises the drainage?

An exteriors drainage system consists of a system of gutters, waterspouts, drainpipes, water-heads, and valleys that serve to protect the roof from any water-related damage and also directs downpour away from the walls and foundations. Additionally, insulation is installed in the outer layers to maximize comfort within the home.

Have Plans to replace your roof?

If you want to build a new roof or replace your current one, this will involve several factors and each one will need careful consideration. Firstly, your choice of material will determine how your roof will look, it’s strength, the amount of maintenance needed, and it’s lifespan. In New York, you have the usual roofing materials to choose from:

  1. Wood shakes
  2. Clay tiles
  3. Asphalt shingles
  4. Slate
  5. Precast concrete
  6. laminated glass
  7. Aluminum sheeting

New engineered materials are also growing in popularity thanks in part to their modern look and stronger durability; many of them are actually fireproof. Green alternatives for your roof Awareness of our impact on the environment has brought new alternative roofing options to choose from, several of which fit in perfectly in New York climate, and living requirements. You can now choose from different innovated and environment friendly roofs such as coated roofs, white vinyl roofs, and green exteriors.

Coated Roofing

These are roofs that are covered in highly reflective and emissive coatings. These roofs are typically painted white to enhance its reflective and insulating properties.

White Vinyl Roofing

These are exteriors that are made from thermoplastic. It reflects the suns rays and emits solar radiation. This leads to less heat absorbed by your roof, keeping the house cool and lessening dependence on air conditioning.

Green Roofing

These are roofs that allow for vegetative growth on the roof itself. This kind of roof requires additional maintenance and care along with better waterproofing systems. It’s added need for more structural integrity and care is offset by a multitude of benefits such as drastically reducing heating and cooling costs, filtering pollutants, improved soundproofing, lessened water runoffs, and a longer more sustainable lifespan for your roof.


The angle of your slope and your choice of roofing material will determine the overall look of your home so make sure to think it through carefully to match the look of your home while still getting optimal protection based on your location. Aside from the slope and materials, other things you should take into consideration when shopping for roofs are cost, installation requirements, insulation. Different materials have different maintenance requirements to keep your roof in tip-top shape. To maximize the lifespan of your roof, and by extension your home, make sure to have a reliable Rego Park home exterior company inspecting your roof twice a year. How well your roof is installed will be determined by how good your Rego Park roofers are. Find qualified roofers to take care of your home for you and don’t forget to get various detailed proposals, ask about their experience, safety measures to implement, and warranties on their work.

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