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Forest Hills Roof Leaks: Drop Everything & Fix It

The Roof on your home makes it possible to live in a comfortable and function home for your home whole family. As all Forest Hills contractors know, regardless of where in New York you’re from, be it Manhattan, Forest Hills, or wherever, your home will be exposed to a lot of sunshine and be beaten by the elements on a regular basis in the changing seasons. Remember the old adage, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure . This goes double for your roof. Keeping your roof in optimal shape will make sure everything and everybody in your home can continue living in comfort. So with that in mind, should you ever see a leak in your roof, be sure to address it immediately as this will prevent the damage from getting worse and will be much cheaper to handle while the damage is still relatively minor. Some roofs, though made of tough materials, are actually prone to leaks and the damage can spread faster than you think. If you don’t address the leak immediately, the resulting damage will need more complex repairs that will cost you more time and more money. You may even need to get rid of mold or mildew should they start to grow on your roof not to mention begin damaging your home’s foundation. Some leaks, however, are harder to spot than others. Aside from dripping during rain, keep an eye out for dark spots on your ceiling and for water damage. Unless you are conducting regular roof maintenance, water damage may actually be overlooked until it becomes too large to ignore.

Here are some things to look out for when checking out your roof:

Take a close look at your shingles

If you spot any cracks, curls, or blisters, then your roof may be approaching the end of its lifespan and might need to be replaced. More symptoms to look out for include discoloration and loose shingles.

Check for moisture around chimneys

Check the area around the chimney, vents, and skylights as these are the parts of your roof that are prone to moisture. Take special notice of the insulation to see if it is wet or if there is any mold growing on it. Water can seep in and it may take a while before a leak begins.

Look out for damaged flashing

A leak can also be caused by damaged flashing. These are the parts of your roof around the corners right where the wall begins. Check the ridges, skylights, and any nearby plumbing in the corners. When most people discover a leak, they usually underestimate how difficult it is to find the damage that causes that leak. The leak could be coming from a certain area but the damage isn’t necessarily in the same spot. To ensure that the roof’s leak is properly addressed, find a reliable Forest Hills roofing company to take care of the repairs for you. Not only will the quality of the repair be better and last longer, you’ll also save yourself the trouble of a botched repair which leads to more expenses and more time lost. Your roof protects your whole home and proper repairs from good home exterior services are definitely worth it.

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